Monday, May 7, 2007

Back on the BIG Screen in Denver... sometimes

Updated 07/24/08

Denver's Continental Theater has a terrific ongoing FLASHBACK FEATURES Series.

The Continental is a rare example of things going right in the world of Movie Theatres. It began as a single auditorium with a Giant 78 foot-wide screen in the mid 60s. Instead of being razed or split, like most other great theatres, 9 smaller auditoriums were built alongside it.

You can see the latest blockbuster on their Giant screen, and at certain times of the year, you can see classics on the Giant screen on Wednesdays at 9PM or Saturdays at 10AM.

Colorado filmgoers are very lucky to have the chance to revisit great films on the big screen, and even luckier when they play in the giant auditorium with a presentation that NO home theatre can begin to compete with.

Regal - Play the Flashback Features Series on the Giant Screen year-round!

FLASHBACK SERIES - Buy Tickets at Fandango
WINTER '09 (Series will be back in the Giant Auditorium!)
01/14 Raiders of the Lost Ark
01/21 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
01/28 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
02/04 Jurassic Park
02/11 Top Gun
02/19 Terminator 2: Judgment Day
02/25 Live and Let Die
03/04 Blazing Saddles

FALL '08
(Incomplete - more titles TBA)
12/10 It's a Wonderful Life
12/03 Dr. Strangelove
11/19 Animal House
10/22 The Jerk
10/01 The Usual Suspects
09/24 Sixteen Candles
09/17 Rocky
09/10 The Breakfast Club
08/20 The Wizard of Oz

08/13 Blazing Saddles
08/06 American Graffiti
07/30 Grease
07/23 Back to the Future (Report)
07/16 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
07/09 Army of Darkness
06/25 The Big Lebowski
06/18 The Goonies
06/11 Spaceballs
06/04 Goodfellas

FALL '07
11/10 The Wizard of Oz
11/02 The Maltese Falcon
10/27 Mary Poppins
10/20 Singin' in the Rain
10/13 American Graffiti
10/06 The Sting
09/29 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
09/22 Urban Cowboy
09/15 Footloose
09/08 Splash
09/01 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
08/25 Ghostbusters
08/18 Goonies
(Details are subject to change.)

Giant Screen Flash-Back Series 01/07 - 04/07


AoD420247 said...

hey just want to let you guys know. as an emplyee, the giant screen is the only screen of its kind in colorado. and as for the curtain, it will be fixed during renovation ;) complete makeover in stadium 5. new colors. new stadium seating. new layout. same giant screen that will remain forever

Jonesy said...

Thanks for the note AOD!

It's great that the awesome screen will remain un-altered. I think it may be the only screen of its kind in the WORLD, not just Colorado.

I'm very glad to hear about the curtain. Hopefully it will remain closed until showtime! That kind of presentation really resonates with people and brings them back to the theatre again and again. Pre-movie ads just make them want to stay home.

I'm not too sure what to think about the stadium arrangement. The sightlines and wide rows were already so perfect. But I look forward to checking it out.

Any chance of getting some 70MM screenings for your flashback series? There are a suprising number of 70MM prints in circulation these days, and they would be a fantastic draw at the Continental.