Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Continental

I-25 and Hampden,
Denver, CO 80237
(303) 758-6732
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NOTE: The Giant Screen Auditorium will be closed beginning Monday 07/28/08 for renovations to the seating. The Giant Screen will reportedly be un-modified.

The Auditorium will re-opening in November. Tickets are currently on sale for Madagascar 2 on the Giant Screen and Quantum of Solace is booked as well.

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Jonesy: I saw Wall-E on 06/30/08 in Auditorium 5, the main house. The Continental proudly retains its Grade A status. The image was bright, clear, sharp, well-framed and HUGE. The sound was robust and immersive. I really was not aware of the presentation; I was lost in the film.
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Comment by Jouissance on 11/25/06:
This theater rocks!
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The main house at the Continental is the best auditorium I've found. The D150 screen is enormous (78'x35') and curves to envelop the viewer. It is equipped for all 3 digital sound formats and excellent sound reproduction. The presentation is usually excellent.

869 comfy recliners are set in wide rows. Seats are staggered and the auditorium features a gentle slope, ensuring great sight lines.

The Continental books appropriate big screen films, and runs a terrific revival series of past favorites on the giant screen (Wed PM & Sat AM). More info here: Giant Screen Flashback Series NOTE: The Flashback Features series is NOT on the big screen year round.

Waiting patrons are subjected to annoying slides and videos. The Continental would benefit from the use of its curtain.

The other auditoriums feature typical standard, mini-plex screens. Fortunately, newspaper, marquee, & internet sources always mention which film is on the big screen.

The Main House is not to be missed.

Main House:
Cinema Grade = A

Auditorium 9:
Current Grade: Cinema Grade = C - (report)
Old Grade: Cinema Grade = B (report)

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