Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back on the BIG Screen in Denver

[Updated with additional films]

Denver's Continental Theater is once again showing great films from the past on their Giant 78-foot wide screen.

At the Continental, these great films are in one of the the best auditoriums in the world. (Revival showings elsewhere are often on small screens with lousy projection and poor sound.)

Shows are at 9 PM on Wednesdays and 10 AM on Saturdays.

Colorado filmgoers are very lucky to have the chance to revisit these great films in a giant auditorium with a presentation that NO home theatre can begin to compete with.

1/10/07 - Aliens (Wed 9PM)
1/17/07 - Superman (Wed 9PM)
1/24/07 - Jaws (Wed 9PM)
1/31/07 - Independence Day (Wed 9PM) (Was The Godfather)
2/03/07 - The Sound of Music (Sat 10PM)
2/07/07 - Saving Private Ryan (Wed 9PM)
2/10/07 - The Wizard of Oz (Sat 10AM)
2/14/07 - When Harry Met Sally... (Wed 9PM) (Valentine's Day)
2/17/07 - Casablanca (Sat 10AM)
2/21/07 - Planet of the Apes (1968) (Wed 9PM)
2/24/07 - Grease (Sat 10AM)
2/28/07 - American Graffiti (Wed 9PM)
3/03/07 - West Side Story (Sat 10AM)
3/07/07 - Gladiator (Wed 9PM)
3/10/07 - Mary Poppins (Sat 10AM)
3/14/07 - The Road Warrior (Wed 9PM)
3/17/07 - Viva Las Vegas (Sat 10AM)
3/24/07 - An American in Paris (Sat 10AM)
3/28/07 - Blazing Saddles (Wed 9PM)
3/31/07 - Gone with the Wind (Sat 10AM)
4/04/07 - The Blues Brothers (Wed 9PM)
4/07/07 - Big (Sat 10AM)
4/11/07 - Goldfinger (Wed 9PM)
4/18/07 - Raiders of the Lost Ark (Wed 9PM)
4/25/07 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Wed 9PM)

(Details are subject to change.)

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Anonymous said...

i saw the blues brothers at the continental this past wednesday. it was really fun, they had a costume contest for jake and elwood and gave out some free shit.



Kelli said...

WOW! Like I didn't have enough love for the Continental before! Thank you for having such a great blog page dedicated to this theater!

I've GOT TO go see some of these films! I just might have to stay up late on Wednesday nights, or otherwise get to the 10AM Saturday showings!

The Continental's Fandango site contains showings through November 2007! I'm really looking forward to Army of Darkness on the giant screen.