Sunday, April 29, 2007

Summer Blockbusters

Spider-Man 3 opens Friday on Four Thousand screens in th U.S.

The cost of admission varies slightly across the country, but the value of that admission will vary tremendously.

You might catch Spider-Man 3 on a large screen with terrific sound and excellent presentation. Or you might watch it on a tiny screen, with lousy (mono!) sound, and terrible showmanship. You might even find these experiences under the same roof.

Make the most of your money! Seek out the best theatre in your area, even if it means driving a little farther.

At the box office, you may find showtimes starting every few minutes. Ask which showtimes are on the largest screen.

If anything is wrong with the movie, complain about it. Theatres won't get better if moviegoers are complacent.

And afterwards, submit a review here, to let everyone know what kind of experience you had.


David Jones said...

Unfortunately, the presentation won't make up for the boring subject matter.

Jonesy said...

Check out our Back on the Big Screen links. You should be able to find an older movie, with interesting subject matter.