Sunday, December 24, 2006

Biggest Screens

The biggest screens in operation in the US, showing feature films:
1) 86' Arclight Cinerama Dome, LA
2) 85' Ontario Palace "Grand Palace" (Screen 11)
3) 80' Edwards Big Newport 6, Newport Beach (screen 1)
4) 78' Continental, Denver
5) 70' Harkins Cine Capri, Denver
5) 70' Ontario Palace "Hollywood" (Screen 1)
5) 70' Ontario Palace "Chinese" (Screen 22)
5) 70' Uptown Theatre, Washington DC
9) 68' Seattle Cinerama

Do you know of a larger screen? Post a comment.

Thanks to the folks at Cinema Treasures & CinemaTour for information used in this article. Any errors are mine, not theirs.

In Auckland, Hoyts is building a theatre boasting the world's largest indoor screen, at 30.6 x 13 meters (100 x 42.6 feet). It's great to see cinemas building larger screens instead of smaller ones for a change. Cinemaxx - the Biggest Screen in the World.


ZoetMB said...

Bigger doesn't always mean better. Screen brightness and light falloff at the edges is a big problem on large screens.

It's even worse for digital cinema: there isn't a digital projector out there yet that can do well at much bigger than 40 to 50'.

In New York City, the biggest screens are about 62'. Screen #10 at the AMC-Loews Kips Bay and screen #1 at the AMC-Loews Lincoln Square are both 62 feet.

Jonesy said...

Bigger screens definitely come with additional challenges, and screens of this size really need 70MM.

But even with potential trade-offs in brightness, etc., there's something to be said for a monster screen. Starships coursing overhead... a life-size dinosaur looking down at you... an epic landscape stretching off in all directions.

Movies can be larger than life, and sometimes, the larger the better!

Thanks for the comment! I'd love to see reviews of Kips Bay & Lincoln Square.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a fault with 70mm whether its filmed in 65mm or 35mm to 70mm blow-up for the exhibiting of six-track Dolby stereo the crème de la crème in motion picture sound and when played back via the Lucasfilm THX sound system it’s a whole new ball game of cinema entertainment.

Anonymous said...

marcus theatres in elgin,il have screens that are 30' high. they call them superscreens. very nice presination all around.I go there regularly because the screens in rockord are crap.
Michael Rockford