Saturday, December 2, 2006

Arclight Hollywood

6360 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

The best theater I have ever been to is the ArcLight Hollywood theater. Super comfortable extra-wide seats. Assigned seating. Quality popcorn with real butter.

All theaters exceed the THX standards for both projection and sound. Ushers... Occasional adult, 21 and up, screenings with adult beverages.

The only drawback is the highest prices I have seen anywhere. Matinees are $11 and regular screenings are currently $14. But worth it.

Submitted by Craig

Jonesy: The screen in the Dome is 86' wide. Possibly the largest in operation?

Cinema Grade = A

Comment by: Adam S. from Home Theater Forum 02/03/07

The Arclight Hollywood - Expensive, but the best sound and seating arrangements of any theater ever--except the cinerama dome, which is a nice novelty, but unpleasant in comparison to the rest of the multiplex. Each movie is introduced by ushers and you have assigned seating (but you can sneak to better seats if the movie isn't full).

The biggest advantage to the arclight, though, is the membership program, which is free, and lets you earn points towards free movies, gift certificates and gets you a dollar discount on most movies currently running. Arclight is a three or four times a year experience (sometimes less) but is worth it and never fails to impress people.

Comment by: Zen Butler from Home Theater Forum 02/13/07

For first run films and the occassional revival there is not a theater better equipped. I think they also have a policy no tickets after 5 minutes of the film starting, which is never a problem because I'm never tardy.

Clean, great seating and the sound is awesome. Expensive but classy and worth the extra few bucks. Solid presentation all the way.

Not only for first run either; I've seen (2001: A Space Odyssey(35), Blade Runner, Citizen Kane etc.) and it's always first rate. There are other theaters in LA (Graumans Chinese Theatre, Laemmle) and many with more "character" than the Arc but I'm not paying for your character. I want top-rate sound, picture, comfort and no flippin' late arrivers interrupting my shit. Arc has it.


Anonymous said...

People who work in this theatre should be able to talk about their favorite films if they are wearing a pin on their uniforms that show what their favorite film is. I mean what is the point of wearing a pin on your shirt saying "My Favorite film is TAXI DRIVER" if when I approach you and say to you - "Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?" You stare back at me blankly?

I mean come on!

Anonymous said...

I don't know perhaps they might have been busy dealing with long lines and bitchy people all day and weren't quite mentally prepared for some jerkoff to say crazy shit out of the blue just because their name badge says Taxi Driver.

Anonymous said...

^lol owned!