Sunday, December 31, 2006

AMC Framingham 16

22 Flutie Pass, Framingham, MA 01701
(508) 628-4400

Comment by trombadude on 01/03/07:
Plus it smelled bad.

Comment by Jouissance on 01/04/07:
Yes- yes it did.

Posted by Jouissance on 12/30/06

This theater has a couple of nice large screens and many small lame ones. The sound is generally too loud and the theaters are not kept clean.

I went to see Apocalypoto last week and an entire isle was flooded with some liquid or another. I went to see The Good Shepard as well and they did not have enough ticket sellers on hand. They have automatic atm style ticket purchasing machines but 2 out of three of these were out of order.

Why do I keep going there? There are not better options around that I am aware of.

Cinema Grade = C

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