Sunday, December 3, 2006

AMC Loews Metreon 15

101 Fourth St., San Francisco, CA 94103
(800)326-3264 705

Comment by David Jones on 03/19/07

Saw "300" on the Imax screen at 7 PM on 3/19.

The picture was huge, bright, and crisp. The sound was loud dynamic and enveloping.

The theatre was packed and attentive. The crowd applauded when one of the villains was killed.

There were no commercials and only one preview. There were two short promotions for Imax and an anouncement asking patrons to silence electronic devices.

Room for Improvement: Screen was neither masked nor protected by a curtain. My friend and I noticed a black line in the center of the screen.

Imax auditorium: Cinema Grade = B

= = = = =

This is a typical miniplex theatre. All stadium seating.

Sound can sometimes be heard from other auditoriums. (So much for THX certification.)

Non-Imax Screens:
1 Width = 32; Seats = 96
2 Width = 32; Seats = 125
3 Width = 34; Seats = 125
4 Width = 34; Seats = 122
5 Width = 32; Seats = 134
6 Width = 36; Seats = 156
7 Width = 38; Seats = 282
8 Width = 38; Seats = 253
9 Width = 38; Seats = 266
10 Width = 38; Seats = 259
11 Width = 47; Seats = 300
12 Width = 47; Seats = 301
13 Width = 47; Seats = 589
14 Width = 50; Seats = 369
15 Width = 33; Seats = 415

Cinema Grade = C-

= = = = =

Comment by: Adam S. from Home Theater Forum 02/03/07
Basically the SF equivalent (in all ways) of The Bridge Cinema du Lux in Los Angeles except the parking situation (as in all of SF) is terrible.

= = = = =

Comment by David Au on 10/11/2007

Auditorium 7, Dolby Digital Cinema Digital Projection

I saw Resident Evil: Extinction at 2 PM.

The digital projection was adequate. The focus was good, the picture was steady, and the brightness was good. The masking was not changed from flat to scope to fit the movie and the common width screen was about 38 feet. The sound was quite loud in many parts of the movie. In fact, some parts were so loud and impacting that it would give you a headache. The surround sound effects were very clear and sounded great.

There were no commercials or ads. The screen was blank before the trailers. Only a few movie trailers and a Dolby Digital Cinema trailer were shown before the film.

There were several noisy patrons who commented throughout the movie and no ushers were ever seen checking on the auditorium. The temperature of the auditorium was neither too warm nor too cold. Overall, the auditorium was very clean. The seats were comfortable and could lean back, however there was very little leg room between rows. Popcorn at the concession stand was cold.

I would rate this place as a C-.


David Jones said...

Saw Michael Clayton in #14 at 10:15 on Sat, October 13.

Based on Jonesy's seating chart, this is the largest non-Imax auditorium.

It felt big to me, especially for an adult, rated R movie which had been running at the theatre for over a week. The Metreon could have easily moved it to a smaller screen in favor of a movie that is bound to make more money.

Instead, they opted to play this scope movie, whose reviews will no doubt attract more serious movie-goers.

We didn't sit directly in the middle, but still had a great view. I didn't hear any sound from another theatre or from background noises like the AC. In fact, I was impressed with the range and power of the soundtrack to this movie.

Overall, it was a great movie-going experience. This theatre deserves better than a C-.

Jonesy said...

Saw Beowulf on 11/18 at 11AM in Auditorium 16 (Imax 3D).

Presentation was excellent.