Friday, December 15, 2006

Century 20 Daly City

1901 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 994-7469

Posted by Jonesy 03/04/07

Saw Zodiac in Auditorium 3 on 03/03.
Disruptive kids talked and laughed through the entire movie, ruining the experience.

When I complained to the manager afterwards, he was defensive and disinterested and walked away from me, mid-conversation.

Because of it's unprofessional management and unwillingness to monitor its auditoriums, this theatre should be avoided.

Comment by Dreo 0n 12/19/06:
Good theater at most hours of the day. I usually avoid it during the evenings and on weekends as its become a big high school hangout spot and gets crowded very quickly.

Posted by David Jones 12/13/06

Saw Apocalypto in Digital Projection in Auditorium 17.

Typical smaller stadium screen/auditorium. Sound and picture were good for the size. The screen was masked from the top instead of the sides.

The digital projection did look like a video, especially for the chase scenes through the jungle.

This theatre is cash-only. They have a parking garage that's free next door. I've been to this theatre several times.

There's always a crowd, and the experience is generally good (not spectacular).

(Revised 03/04/07) Cinema Grade = F

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