Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Bridge: cinema de lux

6081 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Comment by Anonymous 03/05/07:

I am sorry, but you are completely wrong. The sound and picture is always fantastic. The sound exceeds the Arclights'. The crowd can be annoying on Saturday nights, but that's why you avoid the place. The food is great and they serve you in the theatre!

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Review by: Adam S. from Home Theater Forum 02/03/07

WAY overpriced. And parking is a flat $2 so carpool rather than meeting at the theatre.

Projection quality is middling to poor. Picture quality slightly average and sound is above average. Audience quality is often awful.

There is always plenty of parking and plenty of showings though. No student discounts on Fridays and Saturday is wretched. Second most expensive theatre in LA and no where near worth it.

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Jonesy says: Based on the latest comment, I'm upgrading from F to B-
Please feel free to comment further about any experiences at the Bridge.
Cinema Grade = B-

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