Thursday, November 23, 2006

Century Larkspur Landing

500 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur, CA 94939

Saw The Pursuit of Happyness in auditorium 3 on 01/05/07
The sound problems seem to have been fixed and the image was steady & well framed. (See review below). Upgrading from F.

Cinema Grade = C

Film: The Prestige in auditorium 3 on 10/20/06

A constant hum was audible from the screen during all quiet scenes. Dialog was sometimes difficult to understand, possibly because of problems with the screen speakers, or possibly just the accents.

The image was unsteady, with enough jitter to make the pictue seem slightly out of focus.

The picture was cropped >1 foot on the left and right.

Auditoriums 1-3 are all medium sized and Auditorium 4 is tiny.

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Keith said...

Saw "Blades of Glory". Sound turned off as soon as movie began, exactly as lights went down. Person had to run out and tell and employee to turn on the sound since no employees enter the theater except to clean between shows.

Then at end of movie, the sound turned off again just as the lights came up. This was especially disturbing because the lights came on just as the credits started, and there were extended scenes throughout the credits.

This is very annoying, and just another example of how this theater has the worst presentations in Marin County.