Friday, November 24, 2006

UA Stonestown Twin

501 Buckingham Way, San Franciso, CA 94132

Comment by Jennifer on 12/18/06:
Attending a movie at UA Stonestown Twin was the worst movie going experience I have ever had. Aside from making no logical sense, having to crane my neck to see the screen was painful and uncomfortable. Apparently the theater used up all it's money dividing one theater into two and forgot about fixing the seats. Or they only care about selling more tickets to more movies rather than making their customers comfortable and able to actually enjoy the movie. I know that I will never under any circumstances attend another movie at that theater.

(Saw Little Miss Sunshine in the right auditorium spring 2006.)

This theatre is terrible. I'll never go back to the Stonestown Twin.

Because the auditorium was twinned (large auditorium split into two smaller ones) the chairs aren't pointing toward the center of the screen. You'd have to sit far to the right side to have a chair aimed near the center of the screen. Similarly, the current auditoriums are way too long and narrow. Sitting in the back, you be watching a movie a quarter mile away.

This also makes the sound bad no matter where you sit. There is little to no bass, and the dialogue is inaudible.

Submitted by: David Jones

Cinema Grade = F

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