Saturday, February 23, 2008

Consolidated Theatres - Ward Stadium 16

1044 Auahi Street, Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 593-3000

Review submitted by Doug Upp on 01/13/2008

Saw Juno with my mom on Screen #10.

She's part of a club where you can call ahead and have tickets waiting for you. Even saved seats. But we decided last minute so we waited in line. It went quick.

Last time my friend Bert had to use the ATM ticket dispenser 'cause it was a weekend night with super long line and we woulda been late.

But tonight me & my Mom got there kinda early. They had the usual candy, soda, kaki mochi, pizza, hot dogs, popcorn... but also cinnabun, candied macadamia nuts, and even fresh fruit. $2.50 for a unpeeled orange. We didn't get nothing. Some of the game room killing games were out of order.

Over by the self-serve soda fountains you could sneak upp the stairs to enter the theatre from the back row of the stadium seating. It was my mom's idea 'cause she likes to sit near the back.

There was a slide show of ads and Hollywood gossip sponsored by coke, but no sound on them, so we could talk story beforehand. The lights went out and the previews started. Not too many of them, but I do remember talking through one that was for an animated feature about Coke robots. WTF? Pretty soon, movies are gonna be nominated for CLIO awards.

The movie was cool but, and not only 'cause it was about a pregnant girl, we could not get mad when the baby in the back row wouldn't be quiet, and it took forever for the mom to finally take it away. And when she came back and it was still crying. We gotta lotta aloha for our keiki in Hawaii.

After the movie, there is a bathroom uppstairs too, but I didn't check out how big it is. The bigger bathroom's downstairs, and during mad rushes you will have to wait a little. I like that as you enter the downstairs john, there's a huge mirror to check yourself out in.

We walked down the block to have smoothies. For a Sunday, it was nice to see a lot of the restaurants still serving.

My mom parked across the street at Ward Warehouse. If Jim were here, he'd have gotten valet'd.

Cinema Grade = B

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