Sunday, April 8, 2007

Comcast IMAX 3D Theater at Jordan's Furniture in Reading

1 Underprice Way, Reading, MA 01867
(781) 944-9090

Review by Jouissance on 04/04/2007

I saw 300 in a furniture store.

That's right, you heard me. I shopped for plush leather thrones and wrought iron bed posts and then sat down for stylized splatter and almost 2 hours of glorious abs of steel.

Given the bent of this site, you might wonder "What is the quality of theater one can find in a furniture store?" Those of us in the Boston Area know that the experience can be pretty darn sweet.

The theater I went to was the Jordan's Furniture IMAX in Reading. Like most any IMAX, the seats are on a steep pitch so the head in front will never be in your way. Unlike other IMAX theaters I have visited, the seats here where very comfy leather, the sound was immersive, the bass rumbled with great gumption through the seat, but the volume was not too loud. The image was crisp and in focus. Before the movie, a light show hypnotized the audience to a variety of tunes.

For a spectacle like 300, I imagined that IMAX was the way to go and I was not disappointed. I saw V for Vendetta back when it was out at the IMAX in Jordan's furniture Natick and recall it being the same superb quality.

The only thing I noticed was that given how big and crisp the image was, I actually did notice some dirt or spots on the screen at one point during the film.

Perhaps they need a curtain for protection...

The most important question, however, is "Was I moved to shop for a new coffee table?"

Watching the Spartans slay foe after foe did indeed move me to shop, but in a bizarre move on Jordan's part, the exit took me directly to the parking lot, conveniently returning me to my car. This is in stark contrast to actually getting to the theater in both locations as the path to the theater forces you to wind through several showrooms.

So a missed opportunity to sell me a $2000 desk lamp on their part but the theater itself is an excellent option for visually stunning cinema.

Cinema Grade = B+

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