Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dirty Dancing Back on the Big Screen

Dirty Dancing Back on the Big Screen
US Theatre List
Canadian Theatre List

Dirty Dancing will play on the big screen May 1-2 at AMC, Regal and Cineplex theaters. The screenings will include 30 minutes of bonus footage.

Sadly, LionsGate isn't doing a very good job of promoting this re-release. Here is the best information I've been able to find:

If you know more, please Comment with a link!


Anonymous said...

there is supposed to be a specific web site where you can buy tickets-sorry i cant remember it but if you know it(or find it) will you put it up?

Jonesy said...

You can search this link at IMDB:

HS said...

Hey, i was wondering if dirty dancing is playing in Toronto, Canada as well and where I can get tickets from

Anonymous said...

its something like but thats not exactely it. let me know if yall figure out the right one please.