Sunday, April 8, 2007

UA Denver West Village Stadium 12

14225 W. Colfax Ave.
Golden, CO 80401
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Review by Jason Harbaugh from Home Theater Forum 04/08/07

(See also UA Colorado Mills Stadium 16, a sister theater across the street. Neither shows the same films. So new releases will be on one or the other.)

Across the street from the mall and the Stadium 16 theater sits the Stadium 12. It is slightly older and run by the same company, Regal Entertainment. This theater used to boast THX certification. Back when MI:2 was released I had never been more disappointed in a presentation before. A light in the ceiling stayed on for 20 minutes during the film that shined right into my seating area and the sound was playing in stereo instead of surround. I wrote a complaint to THX on their website and curiously enough, all of the theaters THX signs were missing a couple months later. They have cleaned up their act since then.

There are 2 screens that I try to watch films on at this theater and they are identical. Screen 8, and Screen 9. They are the two largest, with stadium seating and very good sound systems. Screen 6 and Screen 7 are slightly smaller, and most of the time take spillover from the films playing on 8 or 9. Not my first choice, but they are better than most. The rest of the screens are tiny multiplex screens that I would avoid.

Stadium seating is the theme here as well. The seats are starting to get worn, are short, and have fixed arm rests. Not as comfortable as the Stadium 16. The tiers aren't as steep, but you shouldn't have anyone blocking your view.

Smaller lobby with concessions and a few games . There are consessions outside of screen 8 and 9, but it is only open during the weekends or during popular screenings.

This theater plays the same 20 minute ad pack as the Stadium 16. The official trailers start at the time on your ticket.

I haven't had the same problems I did back when this theater claimed THX certified and I believe most of that has to do with new management. I feel comfortable knowing I will have a good time viewing a new release on any of the above mentioned screens at this theater.

Overall, these two theaters, under current management, are quite good and remain my first choice when checking out a new release.

Screen 8 & 9 Cinema Grade = B - (Adjusted after comments below)


open-caption viewers3 said...

This theater is terrible! Parking is awful still, the sound is badly distorted, only 1 concession register open with holiday crowds, the restrooms are 3rd-world filthy, and they don't mind if rowdy teenagers talk to each other and on their phones throughout an entire movie. We will not go back; Co Mills is clean, quiet and more comfortable than Denver West.

Jonesy said...

OCV3, thanks for the comment. I've reduced their grade as a result.

Hopefully, your report will help others avoid a bad experience, and the theatre will have to make some improvements to bring back customers.

Anonymous said...

I'm the original reviewer and reducing the grade to an F based on one comment where it appears they've only gone once or twice sure seems extreme. I've seen roughly 100 films at this theatre and I stand by my original review. Screens 8 and 9 still have the best sound and picture on the west side of any other theatre with the exception of Colorado Mills which doesn't play the same films. The teenage crowds for both are exactly the same and if you have problems tell management. Out of the 8 years I went I've rarely had a problem with crowd rudeness or picture/sound quality. I would say 95% flawless experience. You do the math.

Jonesy said...

Thanks for the feedback - I shifted the grade back up!

Anonymous said...

i reall do not mind anything about this theater. I think everything is up to par or better. The only flaw that i can think of is the lack of movable arm rests. I like the ability to move them up and down so if i want i can put my arm around a female. :) But that's all I have to say about this theater.