Saturday, February 3, 2007

AMC Century City 15

10250 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Comment from Anonymous on 04/07/07:

The secret to seeing a film in movie-hungry Los Angeles is to not see it at the best movieplex theatre. I watch 90% of my films at this cinema. One because of it's proximity and central location in Century City and Two because the crowds here dwarf inc omparison to THE GROVE which is the worst theatre complex in the world. Additionally, it's not as expensive as THE BRIDGE or THE ARCLIGHT. Check out this website -
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Review by: Adam S. from Home Theater Forum 02/03/07

Welcome to hell, this is the worst parking garage of all time, Avoid this theatre because you'll need to arrive an hour early to find parking in the garage if you go to any showing on the weekend. weekdays are not bad, but it can take up to ten minutes to find your car and then another twenty to find out how to get out of the parking garage since they close most of the exits after 9. and if you forget to validate it will cost you twelve dollars for two hours, with validation it's free. Guess how I learned that one. It's also virtually impossible to find your way around the shopping center and I've been there a dozen times. Mazelike, horrendous place.

The theatre itself is probably the second best multiplex in LA (after Arclight, ahead of Grove) it's cheaper than the Grove (still overpriced) but doesn't take Group Activity tickets except on select older films, they do have student discounts though. Picture Quality and Sound Quality are the best of any multiplex other than the arclight. Projection has always been excellent, which is more than you can say for the Grove. The only reason to go is for the pre-noon $6 showings on Saturday and Sunday. Audiences are acceptable.

Cinema Grade = B

Parking Garage Grade = F

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