Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pacific's The Grove Stadium 14

189 The Grove Drive, 3rd & Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Comment by Anonymous on 04/07/07:

THE GROVE is the worst theatre ever. This place really sucks. 2nd worst place to see a movie in the LA area. I hate the crowds here. Also, the Las Vegas style outside architecture is tacky and gross.

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Review by: Adam S. from Home Theater Forum 02/03/07

Great theatre, the workers have to dress up in bellhop costumes though, fantastic picture and sound, great seating, Third and fourth rows are my favorite in most of these theatres.

Projection is usually well above average bordering on excellent.

Audiences are respectful.

Overpriced, but they will accept Group Activity Tickets for any movie except the newest releases for primetime Friday and Saturday showings.

Grove will usually run up to five minutes of commercials before getting to the trailers. on top of charging the third highest rate in LA.

Cinema Grade = B-

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