Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Seattle Cinerama

2100 4th Avenue (at Lenora St.)
Seattle, WA, 98121
Seattle Cinerama

- 68' wide screen (90' x 30' for Cinerama screenings)
- Equipped for 35mm, 70MM, & Cinerama
- 808 seats in a beautifully arranged auditorium.
- Yearly screenings of classics in 70MM

Review by Anonymous on 03/26/2008
Saw Cloverfield at the Seattle Cinerama - I thought the remodel was awesome, the inside feels like the 60's must've felt... in the 60's. I think the seat I had rocked too much - not sure if it was broken or what. Overall would love to go back and check out a movie in true, 3 screen cinerama.

Cinema Grade = A

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