Monday, November 27, 2006


Do you know of a theatre that shows old movies?

COMMENT on this post with names or links, and I will add it to the list.


Zeroplate said...

The Plaza Theatre in Atlanta Georgia should be added to your list. They host a monthly event called the Silver Scream Spook Show that screens old fantasy, sci-fi, and horror films complete with a variety show. The Plaza also regularly hosts special screenings and events with films like LA Confidential, Blue Velvet, The Big Lebowski, and others.

Anonymous said...

The Redford Theatre in Detroit Michigan. Their website is

Jonesy said...

Zeroplate - Thanks, I've added the Plaza.

Anonymous- We already had the Redford, but I appreciate the reference.

I'd love to have reviews of these theatres. Write a comment and tell us all about them.


Anonymous said...

The TEMPLE THEATRE in Saginaw, Michigan.

Jonesy said...

Thanks Anon- The Temple is added to our Michigan links on the right, and I've added their upcoming showings to our Back on the Big Screen Listings.


Clarence Boddicker said...

The Palace Theater in Springfield, Missouri. Most of them run in one of their THX houses at midnight (sometimes at 9:30 pm and very rarely in the afternoon).

Website: (note that the list of special shows is a PDF file and might not work on some files)

Jonesy said...

Clarence - thanks for the comment. We do have the Palace listed on the right, but I updated our listings with their latest classics screenings.