Monday, November 27, 2006

The Perfect Cinema

Features current films and classics.
Showtime listings indicate which screen each showing is on.

Air Conditioning and Heating are silent.
Auditorium is monitored periodically by staff.
Room is fully darkened during feature.
No stray light falls on the screen, from exit signs or any other source.
Disruptive talking is not permitted; no cell phones, etc.
Entire auditorium is sloped for unobstructed viewing.
Temperature is comfortable.
Auditorium is free of odors.

Movie is projected in 35mm or 70MM film.
Image is free of dirt.
Image is vibrant and bright.
Image is free of scratches.
Picture is in focus from corner to corner.
Image is properly framed; not overlapping the masking
Picture is rock-solid steady; no jitter or weave.

Very large; envelops your field of view; At least 50' wide. Preferably 70'+.
Masking opens wide for "scope" films; "flat" films are masked from the side.
A curtain protects the screen between shows.
Screen is 100% unmarred; no stains, stuck candy, or marks of any kind.

Envelopes the listener from all sides
Dialog is clear and intelligible
Perfectly in synch with the image
Other auditoriums are not audible
Loud and clear
Not painfully loud
Presented w/ max number of channels mixed for a given film
Wide dynamic range
Lower frequencies pack a punch

Seats are available in the center of the room; no center aisle.
Seats are cozy and comfortable.
Rows are widely spaced to allow leg room and easy passage.
Seats are staggered; no seat is directly in front of another.


Evan said...

Audio must be in sync with the picture. Even slight discrepancies are noticable.

Jonesy said...

Thanks - you're right.
I've added it to the list.