Sunday, November 2, 2008

Continental GIANT SCREEN Re-Opening in Denver

UPDATE #2: The Continental's marquee, which faces on the busy I-25 corridor, is proudly advertising the classic film screenings playing this week.

UPDATE: Regal now has the screenings listed on their site. Tickets are still not available through Fandango.

The Giant Auditorium at Denver's Continental Theatre re-opens this week after a largely un-necessary but hopefully benign remodeling.

The perfectly sloped auditorium with excellent sight lines has been replaced with a stadium configuration and new seating.

Fortunately, the Giant 78' wide screen has been preserved.

To celebrate, Regal Cinemas is presenting TOP SECRET SCREENINGS of several past hits.

These screenings were published in the 11/02 Denver Post, but they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND on the entire Interwebs. There are (currently) no listings on Fandango, nor any mention at Regal's website. Shame on Regal for not promoting these films!

11/05 - Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (10am & 6pm) ($1)
11/05 - The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition (2pm & 8:30pm) ($1)
11/06 - Madagascar (11am & 6pm) ($1)
11/06 - Titanic (2pm & 830pm) ($1)
11/07 - Madagascar 2 opens on the Giant Screen (full price)
11/14 - Quantum of Solace opens on the Giant Screen (full price)

A few thoughts:
- Crystal Skull isn't worth $1.

- The Extended Edition of Fellowship rarely shows up on the big screen. This is an awesome opportunity! Hopefully the Continental will show the Extended Editions of the entire trilogy as part of their FlashBack Features series in the near future.

- Showing Madagascar just before the sequel opens is a great idea, and a neat opportunity for children who were too young to see it three years ago. It would be nice to see Casino Royale on the Big Screen as well!

- The Giant Screen deserves to have 70MM projection whenever possible. Titanic played in 70MM at the Seattle Cinerama just last year. Shame on Regal for not including 70MM projection as part of their re-opening. Hopefully, this will be remedied in the near future.

Despite some clear mis-steps on the part of Regal Cinemas, it's wonderful that Colorado moviegoers have the opportunity to see these films (except KotCS) Back on the Big Screen. And the Giant Screen at the Continental is one of the greatest theatres around.

Get out and see classic films and the next blockbusters at the Continental!

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