Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Jerk Report

I saw The Jerk at 9PM at the Continental Theatre in Auditorium 9.

Attendance was poor; less than 100 people. I overheard folks complaining as they walked to the auditorium that the film wasn't playing on the big screen (which is currently closed for a remodel).

Regal - PLEASE move the FlashBack Series back to the Big Screen as soon as the remodel is complete. This terrific series will help keep the movie-going experience alive IF you give people a real reason to leave their homes.

The print was in excellent shape. However, there were several unfortunate and inexcusable problems with the presentation.

1.) Initially, the 1.85:1 image was stretched across the 2.35:1 scope screen, distorting everything. This was only fixed after I went out to complain.

Solution: The person who starts the film should bother to look at the screen to make sure everything is correct.

2.) The masking was left open at the 2.35:1 ratio, making it apparent that green light from an exit sign was flooding the lower right hand corner of the screen. This was not a problem for The Jerk, but would be for any 2.35:1 film.

Solution: A) Some sort of simple shield should be installed over the exit sign to prevent light spill on the screen. B) Make sure the masking is in the correct position.

3.) The sound (original mono) was overly loud and tinny, to the point of being painful at times. (I had a similar experience at Jaws in the Giant Screen auditorium (#5) a few years back.)

Solution: Volume and equalization need to be adjusted for older films with mono soundtracks.

4.) The incorrect lens was re-applied during the end credits (dancing sequence), once again distoring the image, to the groans of the audience memebers still in their seats.

Solution: Show some respect for your customers, for crying out loud. Don't screw up the picture while there are people sitting there watching the film, even if it's just the credits. This lack of showmanship is why more and more people are staying home and watching movies on their home theaters.

Auditorium 9: Cinema Grade = C- (Downgraded)

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