Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Classics Back on the Big Screen

The Aero Theatre in Santa Monica is showing a fantastic series of John Carpenter films:

- 06/13 The Thing + The Fog (Discussion w/ Carpenter between films)
- 06/14 Escape From New York + Escape From L.A. (Discussion w/ Carpenter between films)
- 06/15 Halloween + Christine
- 06/18 Big Trouble in Little China + Assault on Precinct 13 (Discussion with actor Austin Stoker between films)

The Alabama Theatre in Birmingham has announced a terrific line up of Summer Movies. Unfortunately, some titles are projected with DVDs. We are working on obtaining a list of the movies that will be presented in 35mm, and will post the information asap.

Additionally, we've posted new BACK ON THE BIG SCREEN LISTINGS for the following titles:
Batman (1989), Groundhog Day, Pocahontas, Rocky, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, & Superman


mdr_0000 said...

Hi, this is Michael Robinson at FOX Business. I'm having trouble finding your contact info. Any chance you might be available for an interview Monday morning?

You can reach me at:


David Jones said...

My friend said he saw Wizard of Oz here:

and they stretched the image to 16:9.

Grade F-

Jonesy said...

Michael, I sent you an email.

David, we normally do not support outdoor screenings, because they are often use DVD projection, and the experience can't help but be disrupted by noise.