Thursday, March 1, 2007


Updated with new showtimes - 07/08

2001: A Space Odyssey - screenings
Alien films - screenings
Apocalypse Now - screenings
Back to the Future films - screenings
Batman films - screenings
Blade Runner - screenings
Braveheart - screenings
The Breakfast Club - screenings
Casablanca - screenings
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - screenings
Conan the Barbarian - screenings
Die Hard - screenings
Disney Animated Features - screenings
E.T. - screenings
Fargo (+ Coen Brothers Films) - screenings
Fight Club - screenings
Ghostbusters - screenings
Gladiator - screenings
The Godfather films screenings
Gone With the Wind - screenings
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly (+ Spaghetti Westerns) - screenings
Goonies - screenings
Groundhog Day - screenings
Jaws - screenings
Jurassic Park - screenings
Lawrence of Arabia - screenings
The Lord of the Rings films - screenings
The Matrix - screenings
National Lampoon's Vacation - screenings
The Princess Bride - screenings
Poltergeist - screenings
Pulp Fiction (+ Quentin Tarantino films) - screenings
Raiders of the Lost Ark (+ Indiana Jones films) - screenings
Rocky films - screenings
The Shawshank Redemption - screenings
The Shining - screenings
The Sound of Music - screenings
Spartacus - screenings
Starship Troopers - screenings
Star Trek films - screenings
Star Wars films (original cuts)
Superman films - screenings
The Terminator films - screenings
The Thing (+ John Carpenter films) - screenings
Titanic - screenings
True Lies - screenings
The Usual Suspects - screenings
The Warriors - screenings
The Wizard Of Oz - screenings

Comment below to request more titles.


johnny darko said...

SOUTH PARK!!!! Nobody is showing South Park???

Jonesy said...

South Park is showing on April 30 at the Regency South Coast Village in Costa Mesa, CA.

We'll put up a page for South Park soon, and list any future screenings.


Anonymous said...

THe big lebowski

Jonesy said...

Screenings of The Big Lebowski have been added to the page for Fargo!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to organize these screenings by area?

Jonesy said...

Go to this page and tell me what you think:

It's just a test right now, but it's a lot more powerful.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I'll start playing with it.

Anonymous said...

I drove down from the Bay State for the screening of West Side Story at the CineStudio Theatre in Hartford, CT just this past August...and had a wonderful time as usual. I also loved the fact that the CineStudio Theatre looked like a classical movie palace; a very large, somewhat concaved screen, with a bright-colored shirred curtain, and a balcony, to boot. What a wonderful place to show such a wonderful classic film.