Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Michael Clayton Back on the Big Screen!

Michael Clayton returns to 1000 screens today, hoping to lure audiences after receiving Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, and Original Score.

And Disney announced today that Toy Story will return to theatres on 10/02/09, and Toy Story 2 on 02/12/10 in 3D.

Movie Theatre Reviews is thrilled about this news. (In fact, MTR wrote John Lasseter a few months ago requesting this!) It's terrific to have an opportunity to see these great films Back on the Big Screen, especially for moviegoers to young to have seen them during their original releases.

We only wish that it wasn't necessary to modify films for re-release with 3D or Special Editions. We'd simply love to see nice new prints in quality theatres.

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David Jones said...

In the case of Toy Story, I don't think releasing it in 3D isn't a bad idea. I really enjoyed Beowulf in 3D, and I can imagine enjoying Toy Story in 3D as well.

That doesn't mean it will be better in 3D, but it might be worth checking it out in a different light.

There are always cases (Star Wars, Apocalypse Now) where the special editions were more of a nuisance than they were refreshing. But I don't think that special editions are inherently bad.

Would be interested in seeing MTR's letter posted on this blog.