Sunday, September 9, 2007

Poltergeist update

The 25th Anniversary screenings of Poltergeist will use some form of video projection. It's my understanding that they will take the new DVDs and upconvert them to 720p.

If a theatre near you is showing Poltergeist, try to get more information from the management.

And if you live near San Francisco or New Haven, CT, be sure to catch Poltergeist in 35mm in October.

Hey STEVEN SPIELBERG and TOBE HOOPER, how about a real 35mm re-release of Poltergeist for its 25th anniversary?


Johnskibeat said...

Oooh, Poltergeist... excellent film.
Check out my blog for my 1408 review.

Ghost Girl said...

Amen to that about 35 mm showing. I found your blog post when I was looking for info about the anniversary showing. I'll still see it regardless of how my local theater shows it though because it is a great flick and I've only seen it on the small screen ;-)