Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How do I Review a Movie Theatre?

You can write about anything. You don't need to get into any technical details unless you want to. You can even post anonymously!

The important thing is to let other readers know if the theatre put on a good show. Is it worth going to this cinema, or should they go elsewhere?

- Did the screen seem large or small?
- Was the volume too loud or too quiet? Was it easy to understand the dialog?
- Was the audience disruptive? Did the theatre staff do anything about it?
- Were there too many commericals?
- Was there anything wrong with the picture or the sound?
- Were the seats comfortable?
- Was the auditorium clean? Was the temperature comfortable?

Be sure to include the name of the theatre, the city, and if possible, the auditorium number.

To submit a review, simply "Comment" below.

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