Friday, June 22, 2007

GHOSTBUSTERS Back on the Big Screen

Ghostbusters screenings:
- 07/27 Orland Park Cinemas, Orland Park, IL
- 07/19-20 Oaks Theatre, Oakmont, PA
- 07/09 Edwards Simi Valley Plaza 10, Simi Valley, CA
- 05/30-31 Del Mar Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA
- 04/17 AMC Loews Universal Cineplex 20, Orlando, FL (10PM, 12:15AM)
- 02/28 UA Arden Fair 6, Sacramento, CA (10PM)
- 02/06 Edwards Boise Downtown Stadium 9 , Boise, ID (7:45)
- 01/18 Warner Theater, Morgantown, WV
- 01/14-15 Carmike Bijou 7, Chattanooga, TN (7:15, 9:45)

- 11/13 Cinerama, Seattle, Wa (8PM) 70MM
- 11/11 Cinerama, Seattle, Wa (Noon) 70MM
- 11/06 Cinerama, Seattle, Wa (8PM) 70MM
- 11/04 Cinerama, Seattle, Wa (Noon) 70MM
- 10/27 Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ (7PM)
- 10/04 Santa Cruz 9, Santa Cruz, CA (8PM)
- 09/21 Castro Theatre, San Francsico, CA (7PM) (70MM)
- 09/09 MO Tivoli Theatre (10PM)
- 09/7-8 MO Tivoli Theatre (Midnight)
- 08/25 Continental Theatre, Denver, CO (10AM) (GIANT 78'-wide screen!)
- 07/29 Middlebrook Cinema, Ocean NJ (1PM)
- 07/27,28 Middlebrook Cinema, Ocean NJ (10PM)
- 07/26 Middlebrook Cinema, Ocean NJ (7PM)
- 07/13 Regal Columbia Mall 8, Kennewick WA (Midnight)
- 07/06, 13, 14 Screenland, Kansas City, MO (9PM) +Ghostbusters 2
- 07/06-07 NY
- 07/06-07 TX
- 06/29-30 FL
- 06/14-17 NJ
- 06/14 CA
- 05/11-12 IA
- 05/11-12 CO
- 04/22 IL

Please COMMENT if you know of any other screenings.
And if you attend a screening, tell us about it!


Anonymous said...

Marcus Theatres OAKDALE ULTRASCREEN CINEMA in Minnesota also has screenings of GHOSTBUSTERS as part of there retro series

Jonesy said...

Can you provide any more information? I can't find a thing.

I'm not doubting you, just looking for something more concrete I can post!

jettajeffro said...

Ghostbusters will be show at the Loft Cinema in Tucson, Arizona October 27th at 9pm hosted by the Arizona Ghostbusters. It has not posted on their website yet, but will be soon.

Anonymous said...

Marcus Theatres emailed me saying thay may be showing it again in a month or two I assume around halloween the last showing thay had was last may

Richard said...

Great site, its been a tremendous help with listing Ghostbusters screenings and possible gatherings at our site, Ghostbusters International®.

I found out this afternoon that Clearview Cinemas's Middlebrook theater in Ocean, NJ will be showing Ghostbusters as part of there Clearview Classics.

Here's the classics link:

First screening is on Thursday, July 26 at 7:00 PM. Subsequent showings are on Friday-Saturday at 10 PM. With the last screening at 1:00 PM on Sunday, July 29, 2007.

Jonesy said...

Thanks Richard-
Feel free to copy my listings and spread the word.

Also, I'd always appreciate a link on your site, to help folks find and support screenings of other classics.


Richard said...

Jonesy -

You're welcome. I'll keep "spreading the word" about upcoming screenings. If I find ones that aren't listed like I have, I'll be sure to let you know.

I'll also link to your site. Our site is going through an update/upgrade.

Anonymous said...

The GB screening at the Loft Cinema in Tucson on October 27th has been moved to 7 pm.

Jonesy said...

Thanks- updated!

Richard said...

Jonesy - One of our members, Ecto Spinner informed us that Ghostbusters will be screened in Ft. Worth, TX on Thursday, August 30.

Its an outdoor screening being held at Sundance Square. It opens at 6:30 CT, Ghostbusters begins at dusk.

For more information:,Stars_under_the_Stars.aspx


Jonesy said...

Thanks Richard.

We don't normally cover outdoor screenings here. They do not usually represent optimal presentations. Also, they often use DVDs projected digitally with home theatre projectors, rather than 35MM prints.

They can definitely be fun though, and I'll leave your comment here for all to see!


Richard said...

Jonesy: I wasn't aware, thank you for informing us.

I would agree about how outdoor screenings handle showing movies most, if not all of the time.

Thanks for leaving my last comment up. It should be a good time with our club members there. 8)

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