Monday, April 23, 2007

New Reviews/ New Back on the Big Screen Theatres

We have reviews for 3 new Goodrich Theatres in Indiana, and 2 new theatres are added to our Back on the Big Screen list.

The Tower Theatre in Salt Lake City has a great series of past favorites at midnight on weekends. This year, they've screened Groundhog Day (on 2/2!), The Thing, Se7en, & O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Coming up:
04/27-28 Swiss Family Robinson (1960)
05/04-05 City of the Lost Children

The Middlebrook Cinema in Ocean, New Jersey, has a terrific Back on the Big Screen schedule, with showtimes at 7PM on Thursdays, 10PM on Fri/Sat, & 1PM on Sundays.

04/26-29 West Side Story
05/03-06 Casablanca
05/10-13 The Wizard of Oz
05/17-20 Goodfellas
05/24-27 Jaws
5/31-6/3 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
06/07-10 Citizen Kane

They are showing several top picks from from our Back on the Big Screen Poll. If you haven't voted yet, vote now!

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