Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Back on the Big Screen Showings

Collins Road Theatre in Iowa has a midnight series with past favorites.
04/13 - 14 Friday the 13th (on Friday the 13th!)
04/20 - 21 Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade
04/27 - 28 Dr. Strangelove

Regal Theatre's FlashBack Series has been updated with new showings for theatres in Cerritos, Clovis, Roseville, and Sacramento. There are lots of great films, including:

Titanic (2007 marks the 95th anniversary of the sinking)

Shrek (see the original before the sequel opens this summer!)

Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Fellowship of the Rings, and Jaws, all favorites from our Back on the Big Screen POLL

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