Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do HDTV Owners Prefer Movie Theaters? reports that people who own HDTVs and other home theatre equipment are more likely to see films in movie theatres than people who don't.

Editorial: Folks don't spend thousands of dollars on home theatres because they want to stay home, they do it because they want to see their favorite movies on a big screen with quality sound, and there just aren't enough opportunites to do that in Theatres.

Also, the percentage of people who prefer to see movies in cinemas rather than at home decreased from 69% in 2005 to 63% in 2006.

Editorial: Moviegoers all around ARE getting fed up with the quality of presentations in cinemas. Theater owners need to do a better job!


DAVID said...

Part of the problem is that new movies suck. If the movie is amazing, I can't wait for video. Usually, movies suck, so why take the time/effort to go to the theatre. I will probably be, at best, a forgetable experience.

Jonesy said...

All the more reason to seek out older movies Back on the Big Screen. If enough people went to these screenings, there would be more of them.

And if enough moviegoers opted for quality movies of the past instead of the increasingly poor current offerings, Hollywood would have a financial incentive to make better movies.