Saturday, January 6, 2007

CineArts @ Pleasant Hill

2341 Monument Blvd., Pleasant Hill, CA
(Formerly Century 5 and formerly Century 21 before that)

Submitted by David Au on 01/04/07

Film: The Last King of Scotland in Auditorium 1 (The Dome) Dolby Digital

This is a gigantic Dome Theater much like the Century 21 in San Jose. The common height screen is huge and has a curtain (not used for a while). There is comfortable stadium seating and a very loud and enveloping sound system. Presentation was excellent. The green dome is illuminated when the movie is not playing.

Cinema Grade = B

Jonesy: Thanks for the review! I'm glad to hear they are putting on a good show at the Dome; it's a great auditorium. (I saw some lousy presentations there in the mid-90s.)

Cinema Treasures has some interesting information about its original (larger) screen and its challenges to stay open: CineArts Pleasant Hill at Cinema Treasures

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