Saturday, January 6, 2007

Brenden Concord 14

1985 Willow Pass Road - corner Willow Pass & Galindo, Concord, CA
Brenden Concord 14

Submitted by David Au on 01/04/07

Film: Casino Royale in DTS in Auditorium 2 (one of the large auditoriums)
Film: Flyboys - Excellent Presentation (smaller auditoriums)

I have visited this theater many times. All screens are common height and many are over 50 or 60 feet wide. Even the smaller auditoriums still have reasonably sized screens. All 14 auditoriums are THX certified and all 35mm.

Picture quality has been excellent each time and the sound systems are loud and enveloping with DTS and Dolby Digital sound.

The stadium seating is comfortable and even the few front non-stadium rows have good sightlines.

Cinema Grade = B

Jonesy: Thanks for the review! I've heard good things about this cinema.


victorrey said...

Most of the time the quality of the viewing for this theatre is wonderful. The Staff often leaves something to be desired for me though. I have often had to wait for someone to get to the connesion counter to get some water, and have been asked to show my movie ticket while in the middle of a game because they saw me leaving more then one movie.
On really hot days I will often buy 2 or 3 movie tickets to be in the nice AC.
Still if you don't have to deal with the staff much it's a great place to watch a movie.

Jonesy said...

Thanks for the comment!