Thursday, November 23, 2006

Century Regency

80 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, CA 94903

The largest auditoriums feature fairly large screens, but unfortunately, a center aisle immediately removes the best seats.

Noisy air conditioners/ heating system distracts from presentation.

Annoying slides before movie- no curtains to protect screens from damage or vandalism.

Leans toward independent/ art-house movies.

Was equipped for 70MM as recently as 1996. (Presented a special screening of Branagh's Hamlet)

Cinema Grade = C


Keith said...

I agree about the noisy heating and air conditioners in the theater. They've been a problem for twenty years! It is especially bad on very windy days where you can get a rattling from the roof vents that can be heard during quieter scenes.

I somewhat disagree with you about the center aisle taking away the best seats. While physically true, it actually allows some nice aisle seats mid screen and eases access in and out of the theater. Only for crowded showings is it a problem with people walking up and down the center aisle or unable to exit through the side aisles if they (inexplicably) have to get up during the middle of the show.

Jonesy said...

I saw 28 Weeks later in Auditorium 1 at 10pm on 05/12/07.

The image jittered up and down (even during the scenes where the camera actually held still).

Signficant portions were projected onto the masking. This was annoying when during "video camera" footage with text that was cut off at the bottom of the screen.

Focus was good and the screen was large and unmarred.

The sound was robust and engaging, but there was a CONSTANT hum from the HVAC system overhead.

I wanted to complain about the projection jitter (and ask that they fix it), but when the film was over, there was NOT ONE SINGLE EMPLOYEE anywhere in the lobby.

As for the seating, Keith, we'll have to agree to disagree. I dislike sitting off-center. A good theatre should have rows set far enough apart that getting in and out of your seat should never be an issue.

Jonesy said...

Saw Live Free or Die Hard on 07/12 in Auditorium 6 at 7:40.

Auditorium 6 does not have a center aisle, which is nice.

The screen is fairly big.

Overall, the presentation was pretty good. I'd give it a "B."

The sound "hiccuped" slightly a few times during the first reel.

The image was projected off the top and bottom of the screen a little too much.

HVAC noise was not an issue once the feature started... but there really weren't any quiet scenes.