Thursday, November 23, 2006

Century Northgate

7000 Northgate Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903

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Comment from Jonesy:
Film: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (05/03/08)
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Comment from Anonymous on 03/26/07:
I recently saw a movie on screen 11.

The air conditioning and heating were silent (or off). The temperature was very comfortable. The auditorium was free from any odors. The theater was darkened during the feature.

The auditorium was not monitored by staff. The auditorium was not sloped and viewing may have been obstructed depending on patron height.

I noticed no dirt on the image. No darkness, and no scratches.The image was projected slightly over the screen on both the left and the right (well, they did have a pretty small screen to work with).

The screen was unmarred.The screen was very small, and it is not covered between shows.

Sound was certainly directional.

Sound from outside the auditorium was easily heard from within the theater during all quite points of the show. This including hearing the conversations (word for word) of the ushers outside the door collecting tickets.

The seats were available in the center of the theater and were reasonably comfortable. Seats were also staggered.

The theater experience I had was terrible. It had nothing to do with the movie, but sitting in such a small theater and hearing every sound outside the door was unbelievable. I actually checked to see if the door was hanging wide open or had been closed. I was surprised to see that the door was actually closed and that’s just how much noise passes through.
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Film: Borat! Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kasakhstan in Auditorium 8 11/04/06

Image was misframed, with a foot of empty black screen at the bottom, and the tops of heads cut off in some scenes. Image was unsteady.

Sound was actually "very nice."

Northgate is an excellent example of why people don't like going to the movies anymore. Screens are dramatically small. Sound can often be heard from other auditoriums. Moviegoers aren't prohibited from talking disruptively to each other or their cell phones.

Theatre management doesn't care about providing a quality presentation.

Cinema Grade = F

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Keith said...

You are absolutely right about the sound in that theater. Theater 10 is actually noticeably worse than 11 for this. The joke I like to make when the theater first got made was that "It is quite a deal. Pay for one movie but get to listen to six!"