Sunday, December 28, 2008

Landmark Esquire

590 Downing Street at 6th
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 733-9939

I saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on 12/27/08 at midnight.

The print was in excellent shape. Projection was steady and focused. The screen in auditorium 1 is nicely sized, probably around 50 feet wide.

Before the feature, the screen (and the audience's peace) was protected by a beautiful curtain.

Unfortunately, the image was quite dim and framing was off. The top portion of the image (~1/2 foot) was projected onto the bottom masking, below the screen. This was only distracting during bright scenes.

Sound was a bit on the shrill side, with no noticeable surround activity. Normally, I would attribute these to the print, but because it was in such good shape visibly, I assume the equipment could use an upgrade.

Seating was less than comfortable, with a very gentle slope that resulted in heads obstructing the very bottom of the screen.

Despite the issues mentioned, the experience was wonderful. Bravo to the Esquire for presenting Temple of Doom Back on the Big Screen.

Auditorium 1

I snuck a peak into Auditorium 2, which was once the balcony over Auditorium 1. The screen was unbelievably, pathetically, small. 

Fortunately, online listings indicate which film is showing upstairs and which is downstairs. Also, because the upstairs auditorium is not handicap-accessible, the theatre will move any film downstairs with 24 hours notice. So give 'em a call and carry a cane!

Auditorium 2

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