Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Harkins Northfield 18

8300 E. 49th Avenue
Denver, CO 80238
(720) 374-3118 532

Saw Quantum of Solace in the Cine Capri auditorium on 11/15/08 at 7:10pm

Five theatres operated by Harkins feature a "Cine Capri" auditorium, with a notably larger screen than the standard multiplex. Harkins is to be commended for building these auditoriums, and for doing an excellent job of promoting them. Their newspaper and internet listings always specify which film is on the Cine Capri screen.

Denver newspaper listings refer to the Northfield Cine Capri as "Colorado's Largest Screen." This seems to be a case of false advertising, as a 2005 press release indicates the screen is 70' x 30,' more than 10% smaller than the 78' wide screen at the Continental. Managers at the Northfield refused to provide any information about the screen size... almost as if they had something to hide. To my eye, the Cine Capri screen, while impressive, is not as big as the Continental's.

Nevertheless, the Cine Capri provided an excellent presentation, with a giant, immersive screen that puts most multiplexes to shame. The image was well framed, bright, rock-solid steady, and free of dirt or scratches. The focus may have been a tad soft, but that might also have been the film.

The soundtrack was loud, clear, and enveloping. No outside sound was audible.

Seating was comfortable and the audience was respectful.

On the down side, movie-goers were subjected to annoying pre-show ads.

Cine Capri Auditorium: Cinema Grade = B+

Saw Bolt in Auditorium 10 on 11/23 at 5pm in Disney Digital 3D.

There was a small mark on the screen right in the center. The image was dim, which was made worse by the dark glasses. Otherwise the image was well-framed and steady. Sound was satisfactory.

Auditorium 10: Cinema Grade = C+

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