Sunday, July 27, 2008

UA Colorado Center

2000 South Colorado Boulevard at I-25
Denver, CO 80222
(800) 326-3264 529

I saw The Dark Knight (IMAX) in Auditorium 9 at 9am on 07/27/08.

Watching The Dark Knight projected in IMAX is a thrilling experience. Christopher Nolan has created a real event with The Dark Knight (more details), and it works. Thanks to his efforts, the 35mm sequences look spectacular, and the IMAX sequences are overwhelming. The hard cuts from one sequence to another are barely noticable.

However, the UA Colorado Center's IMAX projection was painfully dim. The Dark Knight looked brighter in 35mm at AMC Flatiron Crossing 14, and that simply should not be the case.

Also, there were a half dozen small marks on the screen (or the projector lens?) that were distracting during bright scenes.

On the plus side:
The image was otherwise well projected: steady, focused, and clean. The sound was rich, expansive, engulfing, and loud (without being uncomfortable). The audience was respectfully quiet.

Prior to the show, there were no annoyiong slides or commericals. Instead, we were treated the The Dark Knight score. A manager came in at show time to welcome everyone and asked folks to slide toward the middle and turn off their cell phones. Bravo!

After the show, I spoke with a manager, and thanked her for the lack of advertisments and for the greeting. Then I politely complained that the image was far too dim and there were marks on the screen. I asked that they please get a new bulb or do something to address the problem. She listened politely but did not really seem eager to take action.

I have heard that the projection failed completely during a press screening a few weeks ago, and wonder if they are having problems with their equipment.

The UA Colorado Center is selling out all of its weekend and weeknight IMAX showings of The Dark Knight. Thousands of people are making the effort to see the film in IMAX, driving past other theatres with less crowded showings. Those movie-goers (and the film-makers) deserve that The Dark Knight be as bright and beautiful as possible.
Regal, PLEASE improve the brightness of your IMAX projection.

Auditorium 9: Cinema Grade = B-

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