Saturday, May 10, 2008

Regal Walden Galleria Stadium 16

I-90 and Walden Ave
Buffalo NY

PREVIEW REVIEW submitted by "Anonymous" on 04/28/2008
This theatre opens Thursday, May 22, 2008,
with charity previews on May, 18, 19, 20, 2008

This new complex FINALLY opens after two+ years on the site of the old 9 screen REGAL / AMC / GCC. The old complex had one of the best and biggest screens -- theatre 9 - in Buffalo.
It was THX level in every way save soundproofing from being in the
airport flight path.

The new complex is somewhat disappointing based on a pre opening inspection.

There are 16 screens -- only ONE theatre, number 4 is large [ 450 plus ish seats ] with a full width constant height 2.40 screen IE 1.85 films are masked left and right.

The other 15 screens appear to be in the 200 to 300 seat range and
are ALL constant width screens
IE for 2.40 films the screen is masked top and/or bottom.

ALL of the smaller screens have a
low screen width to theatre depth
ratio . . . making the 1.85 screen image overly large for the front two thirds of the seating [ according to SMPTE guidelines ]

The ratio is much more favorable for 2.40 films.

ALL of the smaller screens appear to have 2000 W xenon lamphouses
which will provide excellent screen brightness . . . . assuming they are
run at full wattage.

Initial statements from Regal indicated all screens would have digital projection. More recently
this was changed to HALF digital projection.

As of 4/26/08 there were NO digital projectors installed other than the small Christie units for
pre show ads and programs.

This of course may change before opening.

All told it seems disappointing that a major new complex from Regal
would have only ONE large theatre out of 16 . . . . and further that there are no signs of high end
digital projection.

Cinema Grade = C

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