Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Good and the Ugly

I saw two movies on Sunday (05/03).

Iron Man was at Century Cinema in Corte Madera, one of the best theatres in the San Francisco bay area, second only to the Winchester 21 & Winchester 22 in San Jose.

But don't take it from me, take it from Lars Ulrich of Metallica, who was spotted in the theatre by my brother.

As usual, the presentation was excellent all around. Sound and picture were terrific.

- - - -

Later that night, I caught Forgetting Sarah Marshall at the Century Northgate in San Rafael. The presentation was generally passable, though the screen was small and the sound from a neighboring auditorium was audible at one point.

However, as we were leaving, I noticed a patron from another auditorium complaining politely to the otherwise unoccupied ticket-taker that no sound was playing during the previes in her auditorium.

What did he do? Did he jump up and contact someone immediately to investigate?

No. The worthless idiot stood there and questioned her. "Are you sure it isn't just the slides?" He continued to ask her questions like that as I walked away.

This kind of lousy customer service is yet another reason why more and more movie-goers are staying home, and why the Century Northgate gets a Cinema Grade = F. (My only excuse is that I had a baby-sitter and the film wasn't playing any place much better.)

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