Monday, April 21, 2008

Orinda Theater

4 Orinda Theater Square, Orinda, CA 94563
(925) 254-9060

Review by David Au on 04/20/08

I saw a movie at the Orinda Theater recently. The theater is a beautifully preserved art deco theater. On the outside, there is a neon lit tower and an old fashioned marquee. The lobby is somewhat small, but everything looks very original and well preserved. There are large murals on the walls and art deco lighting illuminates the main auditorium. There were no commercials or ads. The lights dimmed and the curtain opened. It was nice that the theater does curtain calls. There were a few previews and the movie began after only a few minutes.

The screen was a decent size. I could not tell the exact size, but it was probably about 50 feet. The Dolby Digital Surround Sound was very good. Bass was decent and the audio was very crisp and enveloping. There was a little bit of dust when the movie began, but otherwise the movie was very clear and in focus. An employee came into the auditorium to check on the movie and also adjusted the temperature just after the movie began.

The red plush seats were soft and comfortable, but there were no cup holders. The armrests did not move. There were several hundred seats. The front of the theater was sloped seating, and the back half was old fashioned stadium style.

The popcorn tasted great. The prices of concessions and tickets were slightly lower than other theaters in the area.

For a Sunday morning matinee, there were only a few customers.

Overall, I give this movie theater the best possible grade.

Cinema Grade = B+


Wyliemoney said...

Thats pretty harsh to hold it to a B+ because it does not show classic films. A- is still lower than A and A+.

Jonesy said...

One of the main complaints of moviegoers is that most of the current films just aren't that great.

Whether they like it or not Theatres are in direct competition with home theater, and one way they can fight back is show people a BETTER way to watch their favorite films.

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