Saturday, March 1, 2008

Century Walnut Creek Downtown 14

1201 Locust St.,Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(800) FAN-DANG 971#

Review by David Au on 2/26/2008

I saw Vantage Point in auditorium 14, which is the biggest. The screen was about 55-60 feet wide with left and right side masking. I was surprised that they still made new theaters with side masking. The theater was only built in 2003. I believe only 14 has side masking. The stadium seats were very soft and comfortable. All of them could lean back slightly and they all had lift up cup holders. The temperature was comfortable and the theater was very clean.

The picture quality was crisp and clear. The digital surround sound was also very clear and had very good bass.

All the big theaters are on the second floor. You can look through the glass windows up to the second floor and see the led board that lists the theater numbers, movies, and showtimes. That way you can easily pick a movie in the big houses. Fourteen, 13, and 11 are big. Twelve is slightly smaller with a screen that is about 45 feet. The rest of the theaters are all smaller. Auditorium 1 is the smallest.

The kettle corn at the concession stand was fresh and they also serve regular popcorn with real butter.

Auditoriums 11, 12, 13, 14
Cinema Grade = B

Auditoriums 1-10
Cinema Grade = C

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