Thursday, February 28, 2008


We've added two new reviews, both for private studio theatres (Paramount Lot & Stag). Although we normally stick to reviews of public theatres, these cinemas serve as a good reminder of how good the moviegoing experience could be, if theater owners would put forth a little effort.

Which brings us to the following news tidbit. According to the Press Democrat, the Rohnert Park 16 is being sold to a company called Reading International. Now, the Rohnert Park 16 is nothing special, with auditoriums that range between "Adequate" and "BAD."

However, Reading International appears to be one lousy company. Their website proudly proclaims:

We are different from most other cinema companies due to our real property emphasis.

Unlike other cinema companies, we are not compelled to continue and redevelop our cinema assets, where higher and better uses become available for such properties.

There is not one single reference about providing quality entertainment.

Reading International sounds like the United Artists and Mann idiots who sold off the Cooper Twin and Century 21 in Denver to make a quick real estate buck in the 1990s, and many other theatre executive idiots across the country over the years. (Including anyone who ever twinned anything.)

To moviegoers everywhere, avoid Reading International's theatres. And when they sell their theatres to develop shopping centers or apartment complexes, avoid those as well.

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