Tuesday, January 1, 2008

POLL RESULTS: What Stops You From Going Out To See A Movie?

#1 (47 votes) Cost
- Theatre owners, instead of spending money on those expensive digital video projectors, how about lowering ticket prices a little?

#2 (45 votes) Talking/ disruptive moviegoers
- Theatre owners, monitor your auditoriums and throw out the gabbers.
- Moviegoers, try this cell phone trick.

#3 (39 votes) Current movies just not worth seeing
- Theatre owners, show more classics instead of putting the same lousy film on 4 different screens.
- Moviegoers, check out these screenings of classic films.

#4 (24 votes) Seats uncomfortable/ packed too close together
- Theatre owners, packing them together doesn't pack them in.
- Moviegoers, use our reviews to find the theatres with comfy seats.

#5 (19 votes) Ads & commercials
- Theatre owners, how much can you make from screen ads without an audience?
- Moviegoers, read more about protesting ads.

#6 (13 votes) Problems with the picture and/or sound (I have a better presentation at home)
- Theatre owners, monitor every show and upgrade your equipment.
- Moviegoers, use our reviews to find the best theatres, and support them.

#7 (08 votes) Screens are not much bigger than my home theatre
- Theatre owners, this got the fewest votes, but be wary - as HDTVs get larger, this will become a larger issue.
- Moviegoers, use our reviews to find the best theatres, and support them.

Thanks for all the votes. What do you think? Does something else keep you from going out to the movies? Comment below!

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