Monday, December 24, 2007

Majestic Theaters - Kansas City

7430 NW 87th Street, Kansas City, MO 64153
(816) 587-4500

Review by Demechman on 12/20/07:

Easy Parking

Little to no service (Think 30-45 minutes between drinks or more)
Rude Staff
Overpriced food and admission
Food quality lacking
Sound system was not up to par
Video system was not up to par

Bottom Line is to choose a different theater and eat out separately. For specifics continue reading below.

I recently moved to Kansas from Texas where movie theaters that serve dinner during the movie is not a new concept so I feel I have some authority here. What I found upon trying this theater is that their website is difficult to navigate but that may change in the future. When we finally located this theater parking was convenient so that was nice. Once inside however there was nothing but confusion. There are zero signs to tell you where to go for the movie you just paid for.

When you sit in the cafe there was a 30 minute wait with half the place empty just to get a single drink. That would have been ok except it almost made us miss the start of the movie.

In the theater we ordered some light fair it was only $25 for two menu items what a bargain. I ordered the quesedilla and my wife ordered the chicken fingers totally worth $25 right? After about 45 min wait we were finally served and the food was overly greasy and salty. To their defense other menu items could be better.

About the sound if you are semi technical person clipping is an understatement. Clipping is when the speakers can not reproduce the sound without chopping off the loudest part. So there was this annoying buzzing sound every time any one yelled or there was an explosion.

Also the picture on the screen was almost out of focus and fairly grainy compared to other Theaters I have frequented.

To comment on the seating everything was nice and clean however the seats themselves left a little to be desired. The chairs were setup so it felt like I was hunched over the entire movie and could not sit back and enjoy my $9 movie.

Bottom line is this theater is not really what it claims and I would suggest that if you want a faithful reproduction of a movie and a dinner go to dinner first and then to the AMC theatre down the street.

Cinema Grade = F

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