Sunday, November 11, 2007

Writer Strike: Solution to Hollywood Draught

Dear Motion Picture Studios,

While you are sorting out the writer's strike, how about re-releasing some older films?

How about the putting the Indiana Jones films Back on the Big Screen in anticipation of next year's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Whet our appetites for AvP2 with a re-issue of Aliens and Predator.

Or use First Blood to warm us up for the new Rambo film.

Put Die Hard back in theatres at Christmas, to help us forget about LFoDH.

And let us take our kids to see Toy Story or E.T. on the Big Screen over the the Thanksgiving holiday.

Fans everywhere would pay to see Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Braveheart, The Terminator, Shawshank Redemption, and many others on the Big Screen again.

Warner Brothers has made more than $600k on Blade Runner on a handful of screens with practically no marketing. Hollywood, re-issue more great films!

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