Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stanford Theatre

221 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 324-3700
The Stanford Theatre

Review by Bernie Verreau from the Home Theater Forum on 08/31/07

The only cinema I attend any more is the Stanford classic film theater. The only prefilm entertainment I am treated to is a 15-minute recital on their fully restored Wurlitzer, sometimes accompanied by a vocalist from one of the nearby clubs.

David Packard (of HP fame) has done a wonderful job restoring the theater to pre-multiplex standards. He often appears on stage - yes, a real stage! - in evening dress to introduce the evening's selection and give a little historical background on the film.

We are never subjected to ads, and the trailers are for movies of the same era, usually upcoming features. Seats are often sold out, so if you arrive late the box office may be closed. They manage to keep ticket prices down to $6, too.

The genre of films shown there won't appeal to many modern movie-goers, but they might be interested to know what the theater experience was like in the good old days before marketeers embarked on their mission of making sure we all enjoyed more and more advertising in our lifetimes, before ads had to become more incessant and intrusive to prevent any escape. The next step will be placing commercial breaks in the middle of a show. Hey, no one will mind, and besides, it's your "duty" to watch.

Cinema Grade = B

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