Saturday, September 15, 2007

Harkins Cine Capri at Northfield 18

8300 E. 49th Avenue, Denver, CO 80238
(720)374-3118 533
Harkins Theatres

Review submitted by Douglas Monce of the Home Theater Forum on 09/13/07

The main auditorium, the CINE-CAPRI is officially the largest screen in CO. It is bigger than the more well known Continental, and it boasts a 30,000 watt surround system!

The seating is stadium, and the chairs are more comfortable than most of the other theaters in the area. The auditorium is HUGE and there is plenty of space between seats and rows.

The classic style gold curtain stays closed until the presentation starts, and there are no ads or commercials. After Harkins opening, it goes into the DOLBY DIGITAL trailer, and then right into the movie trailers, which they only show around 4, so it doesn't drag on like in most theaters.

I'm not sure if they are equipped with DTS or SDDS, because both times I was there they played the DD trailer. The sound is absolutely the best sound I've EVER heard in a movie theater. The dialogue is crisp and clear, the music sounds amazing, and the bass will knock you back a row or two, but only when they are needed. Too many times I've seen a movie where the bass was cranked so high it was unbearable. This is not the case here, as it only thumps you when it is supposed to. The surrounds are really enveloping. They are not too loud, not to soft, noticeable but not distracting.

The picture is top notch. It looks just incredible.

The staff is friendly, and the ushers wait until the last reel is COMPLETELY done before they come in!

Hands down best cinema experiences of my life.

Cinema Grade = B+

Comment from Jonesy: Bravo to Harkins for building giant "Cine-Capri" auditoriums at 5 of their locations, and for taking care to advertise which films are showing on the large screen!

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