Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dobie Theatres

2021 Guadalupe St, in the Dobie Mall, Austin, TX 78705
(512) 472-3456

Review submitted by by "James" on 06/27/2007

Though it has only four screens, relatively small ones at that, Dobie is possibly one of the best theaters on the planet.

Dobie is the independent film epicenter of a town that loves independent film. The projectionists know their stuff. Though the theater is situated immediately next to the UT campus, the audiences are usually laid back and rarely disruptive (maybe the laser-pointer set isn't attracted to the films that usually make it to Dobie).

Though the theaters are small, each has a theme--Egyptian, gothic, Tudor, space age--that do a surprisingly good job of simulating the grand movie palaces of old.

Apparently it was voted "Best Place to Meet a Lover" by the readers of the Austin Chronicle in 2004. Factor that into your consideration as well!

Cinema Grade = B-

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Anonymous said...

The themes are nice. But good projection is far to be had. Unless they have gone all digital, the film presentations were very sub par for the films I saw there.